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The Endurance Health & Performance Program

This program was created to help endurance athletes uncover and resolve hidden health limitations so that they can experience better performance, faster recovery and vigorous health.

If you’re looking for someone who will take a good, detailed look at the inner workings of your health and physiology, and will view you as a whole person, you’ve come to the right place.

Chances are, your doctor has never really dug deep to figure out how to make you a better performer – other than prescribing various medications for acute health problems and maybe some very basic labwork.


This program is very different.  

Through careful listening and using a battery of functional medicine tests that tell me exactly what is holding your health and performance back, we will help discover and fix what's limiting your performance, recovery and health.

Endurance Performance Ironman


Health and performance exist on a continuum that must be constantly honed.  Most of the health issues that we can detect through our program aren’t acute problems.  Rather they are more like smoldering issues that wear away at your health slowly  over time. 

You’re probably here because you suspect that you can feel better – and you’re right - we serve athletes who are deeply committed to taking charge of their health and performance and who are willing to go beyond the standard medical dogma to find  the true cause of what limits their performance.  

I'll act as your wellness consultant, health educator and lifestyle coach in order to support you along your journey to optimal health. 

We use the principles of functional and naturopathic medicine, which means we seek to identify and correct the root cause of what limits your health and performance, rather than just ignoring the numerous insights to be gained when we listen to your story and search out answers in our functional test panels. 

After we understand your physiology, we’ll work to balance and support your hormones, fine-tune your metabolism, refine your diet, improve your cardiovascular health, and give you personalized, detailed information about the exact supplements you need and the detailed lifestyle changes needed to create a healthier you.

My mission is to uncover and address the underlying causes of what limits your health and performance, so that you can live your best life. 

I hope that in working with me, you'll learn what makes your body tick under the surface, and the strategies and habits that will keep you healthy and performing at your best for many, many years. 

The Endurance Health and Performance Program is designed to give you all of the tools, knowledge, strategies and accountability you need to get on the path to optimal health and performance. It’s a comprehensive plan designed to help you create a new, healthier and vibrant YOU from the inside out.

Whether you’re struggling with a chronic health issue or unexplained performance issues, looking to develop healthier habits, or hoping to look, feel or perform your best, this program will transform you into a better performing athlete.

The program includes: 

1. A 1-hour Comprehensive New Client Consultation


2. A battery of the most up to date, comprehensive functional lab tests that includes:


3. A 60–90-minute Review of Findings visit 


4. A personalized Health & Performance Protocol (that we'll review in detail)


5. Two Follow-Up Sessions, approximately 3-4 weeks apart



This program is one of a kind, and leaves no stone unturned in searching for, and improving upon any limitations to your health and performance.

"He's the first professional I've seen who viewed my problems from the perspective of athletic performance, demonstrating both an understanding of and respect for my athletic goals..."   ~ Melissa

Investment Pricing

The Endurance Health and Performance program is valued at $2695.  


The program can also be covered in 3 monthly payments of $898 for a total of $2,695 or can be paid in full for $2395 for a $300 savings. 


This includes the initial one hour intake, time to review all 7 different lab panels, a detailed, personalized health protocol, a 60-90 minute lab review session, two additional follow up sessions and direct access to me throughout the length of the program. 

Ready to get started?


The first step is to schedule your FREE Athletic Performance Breakthrough Session today, so we can learn more about you and see if you're the right fit for our program.

"He has helped me more than any other doctor I have seen and I am totally amazed..." ~ Kristina

Functional Medicine Endurance Athlete

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Program & Pricing
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