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“Dr. Jason Barker is an expert in the best natural techniques to improve athletic performance and enhance wellness. He includes these same practices in his own Ironman endurance pursuits. His expertise is the product of years of researching, educating and treating athletes and active individuals. I have personally benefited from his clinical knowledge in my endurance training and competition. Follow Dr. Barker’s advice, and make the most out of your game.”

Dr. Ray McClanahan, Sports medicine podiatrist and athlete

You are very science-minded and went above and beyond to help me have success with my condition. Your knowledge and experience with correct supplementation for athletes impressed me; you helped me complete my first Ironman Triathlon by preparing me nutritionally and educating me on the appropriate pre and post race supplementation. Thank you Dr. Barker!

Kendra - Personal Fitness Trainer and Ironman Triathlete

"I have been searching for years to answers to some of my health issues and have been unable to find any (even from doctors at Stanford Medical Center).  That is, until I made an appointment with Dr. Barker.  He has helped me more than any other doctor I have seen and I am totally amazed.  I can't believe I have finally found a REAL doctor, who is not just going to put a "band-aid" on all of my issues.  Dr Barker is the greatest.  He is a combination of the best of both worlds.  He listens and really cares about helping people.  I highly recommend him. ”

Kristina, Triathlon Coach

“I started working with Dr. Barker after many frustrating years spent trying to regulate my thyroid with conventional general practitioners and endocrinologists. I felt he was the first practitioner who actually listened to me. He was very attentive to getting my entire system back in balance before each additional change and improvement. Dr. Barker has remained available for questions and further care as needed. I’ve felt the most like myself under Dr. Barker’s care than I have my entire adult life and am so grateful to have him as a partner in my continued health and well-being!

Sara, Endurance Athlete

Dr. Barker helped me manage a hypoglycemia problem that had been impairing my running career for the last 10 years. He is the first professional I've seen who viewed my problems from the perspective of athletic performance, demonstrating both an understanding of and respect for my athletic goals.

Melissa Todd, Professional Distance Runner

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