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Congratulations!  We're so excited to begin working with you to uncover and resolve your hidden health limitations so you can experience better performance, faster recovery and vigorous health!

Please download and review each document below.  

Things to pay special attention to:

1. Be sure to read through the Client Welcome Packet so you understand how the program works.

  • Additionally, please sign and date the Acknowledgement of Policies and Disclaimer (on Page 16) and return to me.

  • Sign and date the Acknowledgement of Receipt of Financial Policies (on Page 17) and return to me. 

  • If you chose the option to pay in 3 monthly installments, please sign, date and return both the Automatic Recurring Payment Authorization Form (on Page 18) to me. 

2. Complete and return the Intake Questionnaire to me.

3. Review the Directions for Labwork document.  It is most important you pay special attention to this so that your labs can be completed in a timely and efficient way. 

Again, be sure to download, sign and return each document as soon as you can, so we can get started!

Client Welcome Packet

Intake Questionnaire

Directions for Labwork

Questions?  Send me an email!

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