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Is This You?

If you’re like most athletes, you want and expect more from your body.


You’re diligent at maintaining your health, but you don’t always get the attention you want for your health and performance needs from your doctor. 


You know there’s more to health than basic labs and maybe a prescription thrown at you here and there.


You’re not like every person that walks into the doctor’s office - you aren’t sick and out of shape - You work hard to take great care of yourself.


You want to know how you can truly improve your health, and remove the obstacles to your best performance. 


Maybe you’ve even been to a sports-specific doctor, looking for answers, but they’re more focused on 

physical injuries rather than helping to prime your metabolism.


You don’t believe in waiting for conventional health care to catch up to where you already know you need to go.


You don’t believe in masking symptoms with prescription medications and chemicals foreign to your body.


You do believe in doing what’s safe, effective and sustainable. No more getting blown off by the health care industry, no more vacant looks when you ask for deeper answers to what’s holding you back. No more prescription drugs. 


You’re ready to make some changes that will propel you to a new, higher level of health, fitness and performance. 


And, you ask a lot of questions:


  • Why do I feel so off all the time? Why am
    I so tired?


  • If my labs are normal, then why don’t I
    feel normal?
    (Looking at
    functional lab testing can
    narrow things down)

  • Am I truly healthy? How do I really know?
    CardioMetabolic panel can help)


  • What’s wrong with my metabolism?
    Why is my performance lagging?
    Comprehensive Thyroid Panel will
    provide some insight here)


  • Are my hormones out of balance?
    Saliva Hormone Profile will tell
    you this)


  • How can I keep up my current level of competition without burning out?


  • What exactly am I supposed to eat? You don’t want the next fad diet, you want to know what foods your body doesn’t like, and which ones it can benefit from. (The 96 Food Sensitivity test will tell you this)


  • Which supplements do I really need to take - and which are optional? (The Micronutrient Assay will tell you this)


  • How can I maximize my recovery?



When you work with me, expect a total shift in how you train, perform, recover, eat, live and feel.


Start getting answers.  Click here to schedule your complimentary Athletic Performance Breakthrough Session today.

Want to learn more?   View our Program and Pricing

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