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Functional Health Reports

Functional Health Reports are easy to read, yet highly detailed reports of your bloodwork that are formatted to highlight any imbalances and possible causes for them.  This isn't your standard uninterpretable report you get from your doctor's office.  Functional Health Reports help you to understand how to take charge of your own health and they even give you nutrient-specific recommendations for your own unique biochemistry. 

Here's what's included in your Functional Health Report:

  • Detailed analysis of every single test

  • Both standard and "optimal" reference ranges on each test result

  • Health improvement plan

  • Nutritional product recommendations for any imbalances

  • Details for each lab element that was tested

  • Functional Index Report showing the 20 indices of Functional Health

  • Historical view of the last 7 blood tests for comparison over time

  • Further testing recommendations

Example Report

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