Problems We Can Help You To Fix

Here's a partial list of the most commonly encountered issues we see in our athletes: 

Adrenal Fatigue - Better understood as HPA Axis Dysfunction

Overtraining Syndrome

Fatigue/Energy Issues

Metabolic Issues - Weight Gain/Loss

Thyroid Dysfunction - Why is hypothyroidism so common, and how can we fix it?

Chronic Anemia/Iron Storage Issues


Poor/Inadequate Recovery

Female Hormone Imbalances

Male Hormone Imbalances

HPA Axis (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal) Imbalances - Adrenal Fatigue

Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment & Prevention

Inflammatory Conditions 

Recurrent/Chronic Illness

Stress Fracture Healing

Food Sensitivities

GI Issues - 'Runners Trots'

Macronutrient Imbalance (Diet & Energy Intake)

Proper Fueling - Pre, During and Post Competition & Training

Eating for Performance vs Eating for Health

Supplement Confusion/Excess/Redundancy & Clean Up

Targeted Performance/Condition-Specific Supplementation

Custom Supplement Testing and Design

Let's chat and I'll explain how we can help, in detail!

Our mission is to help athletes uncover and resolve hidden health limitations so they can experience better performance, faster recovery, and vigorous health. 

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