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We help discover and fix what's limiting your performance, recovery and health through a functional sports medicine approach.

Specializing in taking care of 'chronic' athletes -

we get it!

Our mission is to improve your overall health and performance through detailed testing, lifestyle management, nutrition science and natural therapies so you can experience better performance, quicker recovery, and vigorous health. 

Are You Suffering From Overtraining Syndrome? Get our special report:

10 Sure Signs You’re Overtrained and The Steps You Can Take to Get Back in Your Game



Get Faster & Improve Race Times

Have Higher Energy Levels

Be Less Sore After Workouts 

Inflammation Subsides Rapidly

Get Your Energy Back, Quicker

Repair Muscle Fiber Faster


Endurance Health Performance, LLC Intro
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Identify and remove food sensitivities that create inflammation and drain your energy.

Balance your hormones so your body functions efficiently.

Get an in depth look at your cardiovascular health.

Ensure blood sugar, insulin and carbohydrate metabolism are functioning correctly.

Are you operating on suboptimal levels of nutrients?

Discover which nutrients you’re lacking and what amount do you really need to supplement with.



Experience Restful, Restorative Sleep

Have Tons of Energy To Do What You Want

Enjoy A Stable, Healthy Metabolism

Suffer Fewer Overuse Injuries

Lean Up & Lose The Weight You Can't Shake

Get Sick Less Often

Want to be a better athlete, and clear away the obstacles to you becoming your best?

Here's how we do it.

Let's chat and I'll explain how the program works in detail

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